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Mygitalk is a gitbook comment plugin based on gitalk.

If you want to know the story behind mygitalk, please visit gitbook-plugin-mygitalk.




  • Authentication with github account
  • Serverless, all comments will be stored as github issues
  • Both personal and organization github projects can be used to store comments
  • Localization, support multiple languages [en, zh-CN, zh-TW, es-ES, fr, ru]
  • Facebook-like distraction free mode (Can be enabled via the distractionFreeMode option)
  • Hotkey submit comment (cmd|ctrl + enter)


  • Install this plugin

Add mygitalk to plugins in book.json configuration file.

    "plugins" : ["mygitalk"]

Install mygitalk via npm or gitbook .

$ npm install gitbook-plugin-mygitalk


$ gitbook install
  • Configure this plugin

Prepare a GitHub application , if you don't have one, Click here to register a new one.

Add it to your book.json with a basic configuration

  "pluginsConfig": {
    "mygitalk": {
        "clientID": "GitHub Application Client ID",
        "clientSecret": "GitHub Application Client Secret",
        "repo": "GitHub repo",
        "owner": "GitHub repo owner",
        "admin": ["GitHub repo owner and collaborators, only these guys can initialize github issues"],
        "distractionFreeMode": false
  • Run gitbook locally

Run gitbook build or gitbook serve to verify this plugin is in effect and should not have been initialized yet.

  • Release gitbook officially

Publish to the production environment to implement the comment function really.

  • Star this plugin

If you feel this plugin is helpful, feel free to star gitbook-plugin-mygitalk.


The gitbook-plugin-mygitalk project has been integrated with the plugin itself or you can refer to the sample project.


I am very happy to help out with your books or any other questions you might have. see snowdreams1006

You can email me or new issue on github.


gitbook-plugin-mygitalk is licensed under Apache-2.0 License. See LICENSE for the full license text.

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